Lesha Land

Welcome to the official resource for all things Lesha Land, updated regularly by the Lesha Land team. here are the basics so you can get started right away!

What's Next?

There's much to come in the world of Lesha Land!

Working on Lesha Land is a lot of work, but we're setting a solid foundation for even more utility, gamification, and stories to be told in the future! Along with everything currently listed here in the Lesha Land Hub, we're working on the following ideas for the future:

Gen 2 / Female Lesha

After 80% of the GEN 1 Lesha have been sold, we will distribute the GEN 2( Female GEN ) Lesha, ​​but for the GEN 2 it's not too much and 100 Lucky Holder get Free Gen 2.


In the future after GEN 2 launch, Lesha can be breed to create new offspring. To avoid hyperinflation of Lesha there is a maximum amount of times an Lesha can be breed before it is sterile.

Breeding an Lesha costs Love Potions depending on how many times the Lesha have been bred. The Love Potions portion is variable and subject to adjustment based on a myriad of economic factors.

Lesha cannot be breed with their children and Lesha cannot breed with their siblings.

love potion will be available after the breeding game is launched

Idle hunt Treasure game

Who doesn't want to get treasure?! Stay tuned for more on this in the coming months

Anything else?

While we have no shortage of ideas, our current focus is ensuring a solid, well-performing foundation before delving into further functionality. Our primary goal right now is to successfully introduce a level of gameplay that can drive all of our future systems.

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